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Hiring Services


Most of the time to find a great candidate that smoothly fits a company position is a real challenge. we both know it.


Our Focus

•Hard-to-find candidates with complex skillsets

•Candidates that are willing to relocate to small or “complex” locations

 Why companies choose us:


We help our clients in decreasing operational costs in a critical way


We know the importance of being agile and ready to respond to our clients’ requirements in a short period of time


We are an international highly effective team with proficiency in different languages


We can offer a 24x7 operation, in case is needed


We engage in a high-trust partnership with our clients. Their success with the people we source is a big motivation for us

We thrive to source high committed people in the IT Industry, 
in a short period of time, with a very competitive cost.

Specialized Positions

We place skilled professionals
across a range of specializations

Digital Transformation / Convergence

  • DevOPS
  • Software Engineers
  • DBA’s


  • Sales
  • Project Managers
  • Marketing


  • Business Analysts
  • Security, Network and Systems Administration

Field Services

  • Fiber Splicers
  • Construction
  • Head End Engineers
  • Maintenance


  • Network Engineering/ Operations
  • Transport/ backhaul


  • Full-time hire, traditional placement

  • Part-time work for the job or skill set chosen

  • Short term work with a specific start / stop date

The Process

Deep understanding of your needs
  • Design together a personalized plan to cover those needs based on your priorities and our recommendation.
  • Discuss with your stakeholders and related personnel.
Candidate selection
  • Conduct a search for the candidate.
  • Sent electronically sample candidates to “calibrate” the search and ensure that the right person is selected.
  • Interview the candidate: videoconference or audio.
  • Choose right candidate.
Ready to start!
  • Experienced teamwork focused on your business.

From 1 to a complete division team we can help you by sourcing the right talent in a very competitive cost, with the correct technical knowledge, and a highly effective performance.


We value your time and interest in our services. We want to have a deeply understanding of  your needs and requirements .

Please fill the next form to schedule a call with a BCTI Client Partner. We will get in touch within 24 hours  to coordinate a high value conversation with you.  

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