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PTE has helped telecommunication companies around the world to solve multiple challenges.
From equipment optimization, migration to new platforms, operation and engineer support, to saving a significant amount of resources.

Democratize information through reports

Improve your network analisis and performance

Understand network and subscriber issues

Enable innovation and informed business decisions in the telecom industry

It is time to release all the benefits of the platforms on your network and achieve automation.


Our diferentiator: we have highly experienced and skilled DevOPs engineers to help you meet your requirments with agility and flexibility.

Fraud detection, zero rating, etc. We support and assist in all Sandvine use cases.

We help you with SPBs installation and virtualization. We are flexible enough to customize our services based on your needs and goals.

We support multi-vendor API’s:  NetcrackerSandvine, Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, HP, Salesforce, Cisco, Juniper, Adtran, and more.


Do you think the solution is more bandwidth? It may not.


BCTI & PTE can help achieve your goals and solve your problems.

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