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Hiring Services

BCTI has been helping Telecom Companies acomplish their goals for more than 15 years. Hiring the right people to execute company’s plans is not an easy task, that’s why we also help our clients finding highly quilified people to join their teams with our hiring services.

Our Focus

Our Focus

• Hard-to-find candidates with complex skillsets

• Candidates that are willing to relocate to small or “complex” locations

 Why companies choose us:

We help our clients in decreasing operational costs in a critical way
We know the importance of being agile and ready to respond to our clients’ requirements in a short period of time
We are an international highly effective team with proficiency in different languages
We can offer a 24x7 operation, in case is needed
We engage in a high-trust partnership with our clients. Their success with the people we source is a big motivation for us

We thrive to source high committed people in the Telecom Industry, 
 in a short period of time, with a very competitive cost.

Specialized Positions

We place skilled professionals
across a range of specializations

Digital Transformation / Convergence

  • DevOPS
  • Software Engineers
  • DBA’s


  • Sales
  • Project Managers
  • Marketing


  • Business Analysts
  • Security, Network and Systems Administration

Field Services

  • Fiber Splicers
  • Construction
  • Head End Engineers
  • Maintenance


  • Network Engineering/ Operations
  • Transport/ backhaul




Full-time hire, traditional placement



Part-time work for the job or skill set chosen



Short term work with a specific start / stop date

The Process

Deep understanding of your needs

Deep understanding of your needs

Design together a personalized plan to cover those needs based on your priorities and our recommendation.
Discuss with your stakeholders and related personnel.

Candidate selection

Candidate selection

Conduct a search for the candidate.
Sent electronically sample candidates to “calibrate” the search and ensure that the right person is selected.
Interview the candidate: videoconference or audio.
Choose right candidate.

Ready to start!

Ready to start!

Experienced teamwork focused on your business.





From 1 to a complete division team we can help you by sourcing the right talent in a very competitive cost, with the correct technical knowledge, and a highly effective performance.


BCTI & PTE can help achieve your goals and solve your problems.

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